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Besides being a helluva nice guy, Bobby D. is known from Key West to Atlanta; from the Blue Ridge to the Smokies as one of the cleanest, keenest guitar likkers around. I always think of him as "the enhancer". He can take any song to a higher level; no matter the style, the setting, or the weather. Having played for years all over the southeastern United States, he's kept his sense of humor and humility. He's one of the great players of our time. Check him out. Don't take my word for it. -

If these brothers are any indication of the up and coming generation, there's a clear and bright future ahead. Hailing from Massachusetts, their style is all their own and there lifestyle is as clean as their sound.They are multi-talented instrumentalists, great songwriters, and their voices blend like honey. Join their worldwide fans and enjoy something different. They may look like a 'duo', but expect the unexpected. -

Bruce's music is raw...he's involved, not just in the story, but in the emotion of the song. He has that edge that draws people into the song. Once he's captured an audience, it's a great ride. Originals and covers alike will lead you into his world. Oh yeah, he allegedly has a brother John that's also a musician! Bruce is truly a musician's musician. When he sings it, he means it, and when he plays it, he feels it. -

A fellow Atlantan and lifetime friend, Ashley Wilks' view of the world is one you will find unique and interesting. Not like any of the others, he creates from scratch. He's been recording and writing, singing and playing for decades and still has a fresh point of view. One of those, like me, who has just always written songs. Perhaps not for the spotlight shining in our eyes, but for the light shining inside us. We create to maintain, it's a part of us. Take some time to share this rare talent. More music to follow. -

Timmy and Danny are two brothers from the hill country of Tennessee. They've been playin' and singin' just about all their lives. They will rock you in the bluegrass 'til your jeans are stained. Sustained by Ross Sermons on bass, they can sing the sweet ballads and belt out the rock with a blend and precision band chord that just makes your body sway or your feet start jumpin'. This is music you can feel in your bones. -

Key West's own 'pianamil' , the clown prince of boogie, Barry Cuda is sidewalk surfing his piano down Duval Street to yet another boogie-woogie gig. A veteran of the world blues and boogie circuit. A master of traditional American piano styles. Check him out on-line, or you can catch his shows in Key West at Sloppy Joe's, B.O.'s Fish Wagon, or the Hog Fish. -

Known to his friends as 'Rags', this Tennessee writer has deep roots, in the name of Ted Murray Jones. He has those 'heart on your sleeve' kind of lyrics that put that great folk in this folk-rock player. He's a writer's writer and a total enjoyment to hear. Southern Americana at its best. -

A one-of-a-kind character who not only writes incredibly he has a style of vocals, guitar, and autoharp that have been recognized and used by some of the greatest artists around. Stars like Dolly Parton, Glen Campbell, Hank Williams, Jr., and Neil Young. But I knew he was a real character when I found out he had played on a Burl Ives album. His high energy folk blues will hook you up...enjoy! -

Arthur and I shared the whole 60's explosion in Atlanta. My brother Chris Cornish, Jimmy Cobb, and Arthur were the best harmony trio of voices for many years, for many miles around. Their group Radar kept all of Atlanta and the south entertained for a few decades. They've each travelled on separate creative paths since the 80's, but cross paths to create even now. Check out 'The Realm' in Arthur's site, and you'll hear the harmonies that I grew up with. Don't miss Arthur's visual art, as well. You'll get an eyeful; and an earful of great stuff. -

If you ever wanted to hear an angel sing, meet Robert Hutto. Songs and stories in tune with your soul. You cannot help but feel involved. He takes songwriting to the level of art. Listening becomes much different from just sound. Your spirit will touch the sun. I cannot even name a handful of artists whose entire portfolio of songs I love. But, Robert is one of those. Each song has its' time and on some days; like me, you may want to play them all. -

Diane Jackman presents us with ways to heal ourselves. Her site includes healing tools, wellness vacations, the great original exercise program on the "9 Minute Wonder page" and "Diane's Detox". Diane's here to help others - it's her "thing". She's a homeopathic, new age nomad; with a knack for yoga, carpentry, and being a friend. If you like sharing healthy ideas - this is your new home page. -

Red Seidman, also known as Fiddlin' Red, was one of the great treasures of the music world. As intensely talented on the guitar and mandolin as he was on the fiddle. His favorite time was a jam session. His voice was a blend of smokie mountains and california beaches. His music remains through this web site and, as a friend - i am so grateful. I feel sure that the angels in heaven are grateful too. He's adding a lot to the band. -

They blend a Key West sense of humor with their musical talent to creat an uncanny ability to bring the party to you. You'll gain a new outlook on life and living. Two of the funniest and craziest guys I know. If you want to belly laugh at the world in the unorthodox ways you did in high school, I'm telling you, your sides will ache. If you ever get to Key West - you have to check them out at Sloppy Joe's. -

He began playing guitar at the age 11 and now his talent if "fully growed". From Texas, to Nashville, to Key West, at the rate of 150 shows a year; you can now catch up with one of country music's great songwriters. He has earned his place as one of Key West's Hog's Breath Saloon stable of entertainers. A great friend and a good ol' boy. Do yourself a favor. If you love country, you'll love Cint. -

Check out JCXTV in the Artist category, to find out what my brother Chris Cornish is up to now. Along with two of his closest friends, two other long-time great Atlanta musicians - Jimmy Cobb and Tommy (T.V.) Strain, comes the 'New Hope' of new ideas and new sounds. Sweeping you away on their british rock wave - you'll be glad to hear these guys at work. Years of experience on their instruments and writing individually have fine-tuned them into a great band. I've been listening to Chris sing all my life. His voice is one of my favorites, and as a person and brother - he is superlative.

You can check out Tami Cornish on this site as well. A great NEW MUSIC ENGINE there's a motherlode of talent listed in the Artist category. You can also browse by genre, or enjoy their online radio. A great bunch of people and an artist's friends.
(Many thanks for their help, from design to distribution. - Tami)